Is your phone smarter than you?

Prepare Yourself, the Intelligent phone might just be the next
“Must Have” tech apparatus. Do not laugh, this may be more
True than most people realize or would like to believe.

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Mainly because the Wise phone fulfills our ever increasing
Need for a mobile device that provides us all the features of
A laptop/internet/phone in one small package.
And we want it small. Go figure!
For no matter how big our brain cells, we all need a
Small communication device that keeps us continuously connected no
matter where we are. Connected to friends, family or business
Using a phone and the Internet. Totally connected to our own lives
And our sense of “self”.
So will you pass the smart test when it comes to smart phones?
Or are you still scratching your head, wondering why you’d
Need another techno gizmo cluttering up your life?
If you are still wondering, Melbourne FL Animal Removal, here are seven factors or reasons why it
Would be smart for you to look at getting a smart phone.
1. PDA and Cell Phone Combo
A smart phone is really a combination of a cell phone and
a pda. You get the best of both worlds: a cell phone and
The functions of a pda in one simple small device. Smart
phones can come in different designs: candy-bar, clamshell,
slider and flipper.
A smart phone offers many pda-like features but keep in
Mind it is still more like a mobile phone than a dedicated
PDA, which offers bigger screens and more applications.
A PDA is more like a computer or notebook than a cell
As technology becomes smaller and faster one can anticipate
smart phones to become more like a dedicated PDA, offering
More software and more functions of a conventional
Handheld in a more compact package. Mobile Convenience
Perhaps the greatest benefit of having a smart phone
Is the freedom it provides you. You can stay in constant
Contact with your friends, family or work.
For mobile professionals it may be a very convenient and
Practical means to stay in touch with your work. Laptop Mini-Me
The smart phone and notably the Pda phone can be
A simple notebook which you can take anywhere. This device
Via telephone and the web to all the info you want.
Extremely useful for students and in-the-field professionals
Such as real-estate agents, builders, architects…
Although they are slightly different creatures, the line
Involving a Pda Phone and a Smart Phone is blurring real fast.
Smart phones are often smaller and provide less features
Digital Assistant) or a Handheld PC.
4. Entertain Me
Increasingly, these Intelligent and pda phones come equipped
With innumerable games, MP3, camera, video… all to Important on those long plane or car
Excursions with unexpected stop-overs. Also great to keep
Any complaining off-spring totally enthralled and
completely oblivious to their surroundings for hours
at a time.
A wise phone for small junior or little miss! The Lost Factor
Just admit it, we have all been lost at any time in our
lives. Now you don’t need to be; many of these smart
Pda phones come with a GPS system to keep you in touch
With your place at all times. Become totally
grounded with a smart phone!
6. The Cool Factor
There has to be something said about style; these
smart phones are sleek and stylist. Fashion should
Not be a reason to Purchase a smart phone but regrettably it
Is going to be a significant factor for many who do buy one.
7. The iPhone Factor
You can expect the “Cool” factor to leap-jump when
The iPhone hits the market. The iPhone can perform for
Smart phones what the iPod did for MP3 players.
Hey, there’s nothing cooler than an Apple anything!
Besides the cool factor, the iPhone will probably
revolutionize how we perceive and look at smart phones.
It will elevate the smart phone to unheard of heights
And place it center stage in our lives.
Most of us will be smart enough to quickly grab one of
these techno marvels. How about you? Will you be smart
Enough to get a smart phone or will you take the opposite
While you’re making your mind up, just remember you
Don’t have to be an Einstein to love the
smart phone. Nor does being a prime candidate for
Another Jackass video automatically rule you out
— everyone can benefit from using a smart phone.

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